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presse agent Erin Scheel

“It’s going to be about an hour and half wait,” I overheard one of the servers tell two hungry customers as I sat, perched on a bar stool, near the door overlooking the busy hallways of Brixton Village. When more people started putting their names down to wait for a seat, it was obvious to me that this was a destination. Food lovers come from all over London to experience Honest Burgers; arguably the best burger EVER!

If you travel south west, all the way to the end of London’s Underground Northern Line, you will reach Brixton. Take a walk down Electric Avenue and through the Brixton market into Brixton Village – a covered market full of little sidewalk cafes, restaurants, vintage stores and Caribbean shops. Here you will find Honest Burgers. It’s worth the wait for the simple, yet well thought out, menu of fresh homemade burgers. Choose to have yours with bacon and/or a choice of three different cheeses: blue, a mature cheddar and leister (mild cheddar). The tomato onion jam that crowns each burger is the glue that holds it all together – giving the burger a sweet and savory taste without all the extra messy condiments – bonus! You can actually taste the perfectly cooked to medium handmade beef patty with every bite. They also offer a feature burger with different twists on the classic – all the more reason to keep coming back! Don’t forget to add extra crispy rosemary salted fries to your order. These chips are one word – addictive. The best ever. And that’s saying a lot coming from me, a self-proclaimed fry monster. Be sure to ask about what local beer they have tucked away in the fridge. I had the Great Eastern IPA from Red Church Brewery in London…its bitterness paired perfectly with the sweet saltiness of the food.
I love dining in London.

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