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As much as I miss riding my bike around Toronto, these days I need four wheels to get anything done when I visit the city.
Thanks to Chevrolet Canada, I had such a fun time zooming around in the Spark last June. Despite the crazy traffic and parking situation, this mini got me where I needed to be in a flash. She even handled the highway better that I thought the “city” car would. While amazed at how far the ECOTEC® engine went, the auto was so easy to drive and park. Boasting a ton of tech-savvy features, the Spark was the IIHS 2014 Top Safety Pick and has been highly rated by the Green Car Congress.

In September, I got to test out the 2015 Malibu LTZ and it was a dream to drive. Plus, this model is equipped with fuel saving start-stop technology, which shuts down the 2.5L engine to save fuel when the Malibu stops momentarily. At the end of the day, all those stoplights add up to an estimated 5-percent increase in city fuel consumption. In my Malibu, the engine automatically started up again when I took my foot off the brake. During engine restarts, an auxiliary battery powers electric accessories, such as the climate system, power windows and radio.

As with all GM vehicles, both cars featured the OnStar system. A total time-saver (and stress-reducer)!
How green is your ride?

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