prague| the love/hate list | issues 6 – 12

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6. Attraversiamo| Where there are no lights and a pedestrian crossing, those on foot have to give way to the automobiles. But sometimes the autos give way (y’know, if I’m wearing heels and red lipstick). Having had a couple of close ones, this is a hate.

7. Tap vs. bottled water | When I asked if the tap water was OK to drink, the response was “it’s fine, but just don’t abuse it”. Whatever that means. I’ve never bought so much bottled water. Thankfully, the Czechs seem quite serious about their recycling…although i can’t figure out these bins that take “everything”.

8. + 6 hours | Generally liking being ahead of the North American east coast. Since I am working with clients on that side, I find I can ease into my day and be slightly ahead of the game. Not so great when the 3pm EST conference call is booked.

9. One Love Tattoo | Yup, I done did it. It’s my second tattoo actually, and I got lucky during a (very random and not very well researched) search for artists. These guys are total pros. No skeezy attitude, and the girl who scarred me for life was very sweet. I may go back…sorry mom.

10. Cake, cake, cake | There’s always got to be a food component here and Bakeshop has won my heart. Cozied up with their “baby” carrot cake for my birthday last February. So fresh and yum. And yes, those meringues in the picture are actually the size of your head. Salad bar rocks too.

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