prague| the love/hate list | issues 1-5

So here’s what inspires Prague love, and the things that are not so much…

1. The ciggie smoke | Like, everywhere. I almost choked on my lentil salad when the waitress at Cafe Pavlac lit up behind the bar. This place is great otherwise.

2. The tower with the crawling babies | Wtf? Why? Even worse that this is one of the first things I see every morning. Maybe the universe is trying to tell me something? We are going to discuss this monstrosity in future posts.

3. Life bars | My Eastern Euro alternative to the Lärabar. Vegan/dairy/gluten-free. The Chocolate Greens is my favourite so far.

4. Nail bars | Good goddess the manicurists here are precise. What I have only experienced at top-dollar spas, like Caudalie Paris at The Shangri-La in Toronto, I can get at the mall here for (obvi) much cheaper. Not exactly comparable experiences, but love.

5. The food | Much more to come on this. Assuming it’s because we are closer to Italy that Italian food tastes better here. Quite liked Potrefena Husa (a Czech chain), but i have to get to more local pubs and restaurants. If i don’t get smoked out, of course.

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