prague to new zealand | surviving the long haul

After four flights and far too many hours in transit, we arrived in Queenstown, New Zealand. The reason for this long-haul trip was my brother’s wedding. How did we manage 30+ hours? Here’s how I roll…

The outfit | I’m all about the overalls and have been wearing my Aritzia jumpsuit on every flight since I purchased them last summer. I’ve also got these sneakers by Ash that are so comfy I can sleep with them on…a bonus because I drink a lot of water and have to go to the washroom a lot. I also pop extra undies and socks into a lingerie bag and in my carry-on.

The face + body | Sephora has a great travel range for face and body, including a roll-on eye depuffer, spray deodorant, cleansing wipes, as well as containers if you want to make your at-home supply flight-safe. I apply Kiehls avocado eye cream a few times during every journey, which helps me look and feel not so dehydrated.

The food | Pre-ordering a veg/lactose-free/gluten-free whenever possible is key. I always feel better if I stick to a vegetarian diet while up in the air. And because I’m always ravenous on planes, I pack Lara or Life Bars for extra snacks and buy bananas (health benefits here) en route. Of course everything that is not packaged must be consumed before arriving in NZ as the country’s biosecurity is extremely strict.

The drink | I know it’s so tempting because it’s free, but resist alcohol at all costs! “Changes in air pressure, fatigue from flying, and especially dehydration all cause alcohol to be more potent than usual,” says Eric Rimm, ScD, associate professor of epidemiology and nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health. He goes on to say that more than one drink will more than likely lead to a hangover. I would add that, after so many hours up in the air, avoiding alcohol upon arrival would be wise – give your body at least 12 hours to regulate itself. Didn’t help that I had a hen party the night I got to Queenstown. #screwed

The sleep | As far as I am concerned, it’s pay to play when it comes to catching some zzzs. When a first class tickets costs upwards of $12,000, I can’t afford one of those luxury sleeper seats. In any case, I did dose up on tryptophan and magnesium which helped me relax at least.

The superfoods and supplements | As a new fan of liquid vitamins, I’m really into Genesis PURE‘s Daily Build to-go packs. GP also offers to-go servings of goji juice, Mila (chia), and a balancing blend of herbs and superfruits called GoYin.

Other on-board essentials | Liquid silver for disinfecting everything; alkaline water concentrate; my Superlative Conspiracy headphones.

In-flight entertainment | If i’m traveling light and don’t have a good book, it’s no worries as Air New Zealand has the best selection of music, movies and tv shows. A new rule is to keep it PG because I find it harder to sleep after watching violent scenes. Was slightly disturbed after seeing The Counselor on the LA to Auckland leg. Nonsense film that’s a total waste of good actors, by the way.

How do you handle extra long flights? I’d love to know so post a comment below.

Photo courtesy of Air New Zealand.

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