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presse agent Asad Mecci

During the summer, a cruise ship line I work with scheduled my HypnoHype show on board the Celebrity Solstice bound for Alaska. This was only the second time that I’d be going to the 49th state, so my lovely assistant Jessica and I were especially excited for this change of scenery … Not that Costa Rica’s beaches and the ports of Panama aren’t just as incredible. In any case, we were flown in one day early to join the ship in Seattle so we were able to spend an evening in the city. We came across an establishment called Bath Tub Gin – a hipster hot spot that was off the beaten track (only entry was via a dark back alley) – and had a brilliant time at this old school speakeasy. The next day we joined the ship and headed north. First stop was Juneau and our first activity was whale watching. These majestic creatures provided spectacular viewing! Next up was Skagway, where we visited a sled dog and musher camp, and got to take in the epic scenery while on a trail run. There was also a tour of the Gold Rush Brothel – a museum with a bar in the front. I snapped a photo of the room where the girls conducted their “business”…kinda tight quarters if you ask me. While in Glacier Bay National Park, rangers were shuttled onboard to  talked us through the different glaciers. In Ketchican, Jessica and I had the opportunity to zip out on a sea plane. Our pilot landed on a remote island in the middle nowhere and we were treated to  views of the Misty Fiords  – which obviously they don’t call misty for nothing. Overall, the trip was absolutely amazing. The views were breath taking and I’d do it all over again in a heart beat!

Asad Mecci is a professional hypnotist and has been called an “extraordinary talent” by the likes of Maxim Magazine.  He has performed on MTV and MuchMusic, and is currently entertaining thousands on Carnival Cruise Lines. Visit and follow Asad on twitter @hypnohype.

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