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presse agent Paulina Corvalan Tapia

In November 2011, I embarked on a world tour that started in LA – where my travel partner and I hung out and scored tickets to the Conan O’Brien Show. Then it was off to Vegas for a few days. While in Sin City, we booked a tour via Expedia and managed to zip up to the Grand Canyon. One of the seven natural wonders of the world is a full day trip from the strip (the drive is roughly 4 1/2 hours). Most tours truck right over the Hoover Dam and, once there, the visual gifts just keep on giving. So overwhelming. So intricate and colorful. The Canyon scape covers 446 km in length, and is approx 29 km wide. Depth? Oh about 1,800 metres. All in all, we were looking at nearly two billion years of the earth’s geological history.

Paulina Corvalan Tapia is owns and operates her own restaurant in New Zealand’s South Island.

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