Ever since embarking on the yoga teacher training journey, the act of allowing my mind and body to get still has become a powerful method of washing away inner and outer noise.

I know, I know…It’s not an easy thing to do to find time with everything that goes on in a day. However, I know for absolute certain, that the benefits are cumulative and you will notice a shift if you commit. More peace, more balance. Trust.

YoMed is my term for a daily practice that has become an essential morning activity. My little yoga/meditation combo has become that non-negotiable “me” time that gets my head in the right space to take on the day with ease and openness.

My Daily Practice | What I do is start with sit-ups and move through a short yoga series that includes upward and downward dog, double pigeon and side stretches. Always leaving time to sit in stillness, crosslegged with my palms facing up or at heart centre, to really soak in the mantra and message. Suggest a bit of journal writing at the end.

As far as guided meditations, I’ve tried a few different things on YouTube, and grew quite attached to the 21-day meditation series’ that Oprah and Deepak put on. To date, they have produced Finding Your Flow, Total Transformation and Expanding Your Happiness. Recommend keeping an eye out for the next series as these are no longer available on the ‘Tube. Before searching around, Gabrielle Bernstein has a quick tip that will help get you started.



Watch This Space | I’ll search for and post one video a week that I have either found to be particularly powerful, or speaks to the season. Hopefully both.  Namaste.

Headline images (l-r) courtesy of Wilbur Huang (Big Sur) and The Chopra Center.

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