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presse agent Danielle Etkin-Spigelman

Danielle recently visited Vietnam with her partner Casey Kelneck and they fell in love with the food.

First stop: Hanoi. The food everywhere was delicious, but my top recommendation is Cau Go Restaurant.
5th floor, NO 1/3/5/7 Dinh tien Hoang Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
– They have a beautiful patio that over looks the lake in the center of the city.
– Food is great and so are the drinks!
– Close walk from our hotel.
– Kind of hard to find the entrance. If you can find it, you have to go up in an elevator to the top floor. People will try and direct you to the right when you exit the elevator on the top floor (to a restaurant called City View – don’t eat there, food isn’t great). So when you get out of the elevator, go to the left, and to reach the patio you have to go up another floor in the restaurant.

Second stop: Hoi An. Make sure you try Cao Lau noodles when you are there – you can only get them in Hoi An.
The Little Menu
12 Le Loi Street, Hoi An
– Food is amazing – we went back twice! The spring rolls were outstanding. They had a different type of wrap that I didn’t have anywhere else.
– Drinks here were also really good.
– Both Casey and I found the light inside the restaurant strangely fluorescent, we couldn’t eat inside at night because it made me slightly dizzy (there is a good chance I was over sensitive) so we ate outside.


Madam Khanh – The Banh Mi Queen
115 Tran Cao Van, tp. Hoi An
– Looks quite weird and dirty, but it’s incredible! I still dream about the sandwiches.
– You go in and sit down (this old lady is making the sandwiches at the front); they don’t bring you any menus, or ask you want you want, and just bring you Banh Mi (which is a sandwich). I have no idea what is actually in it… thinking some pate and some type of meat and herbs, but it was delicious and each one was just $1.

Third stop: Ho Chi Minh City. In general we found that the food got worse south of Hoi An. More MSG and more sauce. The city was filled with a mix of both great restaurants and mediocre ones, and we tried a couple that were highly rated on Trip Advisor and found them to only be OK.
Try Com Nieu Sai Gon.
19 Tu Xuong, 7, 3, Ho Chi Minh
– We loved the food here. It is a little further out of the centre, but worth the trip.
– If you order rice they smash the ceramic bowl and toss it across the room. Fun!

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