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Bookmark these three experts that put their focus on clean eating: Food Babe, Kris Carr and Dr. Alejandro Junger’s Clean Program. Take your pick from these links and spread the good stuff!

☆ Stop funding pro-GMO campaigns and avoid drinking herbicide residues… 2 out of 7 significant reasons to choose only organic dairy products.
☆ More reasons why Organic beats Non-GMO… the difference between the labels unwrapped by Food Babe.
☆ Lawsuits were recently laid on the FDA because they approved ractopamine… You most definitely do not want Topmax in your turkey.
☆ Totally into making chocolate almond milk smoothies as a dessert… Clean Dessert Ideas.
☆ Keep the avocado pit in the guac and look for olive oil-based hummus… Clean Snack Ideas.
☆ Are you bathing your cells in an inflammatory acid bath? 3 Ways to Support pH Balance with Alkaline-Forming Foods.
☆ Crap food creates crap thoughts… 9 Ways to Treat SAD.
☆ Coconut oil, evoo, hemp oil and extra virgin sesame oil. These are the only cooking oils you need. Here’s why… Cooking Oils.
☆ When you have an hour, this Good Life Project interview is worth a listen. Nutrition and wellness expert JJ Virgin talks about sugar and addiction, and it’s an eye-opener.

Headline images courtesy of Clean Program.

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