the truth about meditation

While I was in New Zealand last March, I was desperately trying to get my brother to one of the Sunday yoga classes I was teaching at Nadi Wellness in Queenstown. I lead restorative yoga so it’s a lot more about stretching the body with a meditative flow. Ted takes his work very seriously and running an ice arena is 24/7. I felt he could really benefit from taking an hour out to cool his mind. He never showed up. Partly because of his unwillingness to take time for himself, yes. No judgment; that’s where he is at. But I believe part of the reason is because the yoga marketing machine has done a good job of brainwashing people into believing they need to be super flexible and wear a certain type of clothing to practice. Not true! The truth (for me at least) is that yoga restores the mind body connection, while meditation clears and strengthens the mind. Together these practices promote wellness in so many ways. To illustrate, our friends at Health Perch and Ghergich created this lovely infographic… This one is for you Ted!

meditation infographic