Email remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media—nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined. - McKinsey & Company

Fresh Presse produces e-newsletters that inspire action. We’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies and boutique businesses (including, believe it, an ice arena) to design and deploy email marketing campaigns that turn copy into clicks. Choose to use our services on a regular basis, or we can design dynamic email templates on a one-time deal.
We also offer training so you can DIY.

This is our best investment compared with other marketing dollars spent… Always creative, on point and fun! Fantastic end results… Exceeding expectations. - Happy Clients


So let’s quickly review the reasons why newsletters are so important, and why you should put a plan in place now and not at the last minute. Because we all know what happens at the last minute, right?


Why put out something to newsletter subscribers that doesn’t look good or read well? People do it all the time and it’s a waste of good intentions and, ultimately, very bad for a brand’s image. We have over 10 years of experience producing high quality content for magazines and web sites. And we absolutely love a fresh layout!


Need email marketing templates that are not only easy on the eyes, but is also filled with words that are expertly crafted and clickable? Look no further than Fresh Presse! TRAINING | In 2 one-hour sessions we’ll show you the ropes; from setting up an account and organizing your database, to template design tips and final deployment.


Want to generate a bit of income from your latest and greatest product? Need to sell out some stock in a flash sale? Have a sweet deal on resort rooms? We can help turn content into cash with a customized e-newsletter or e-alert. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the returns on your direct marketing investment.


Weekly, monthly or quarterly… Use our email marketing services to tell your brand story. Whether the call-to-action is leading to your expert advice, buying an earlybird event ticket, or letting people know what yoga classes are available next week, a stylish and tech-sensable newsletter has benefits that go far beyond basic announcements.


Here’s where reporting comes in. Gain valuable insight on fans by digging into some data science to see what topics they are clicking on and sharing via your newsletter. TRAINING | One hour is all it takes to start developing an in-depth understanding of your post-delivery reports.


From transferring email databases to turning scrabble into savvy sentences, we combine left- and right-brain skills that ensure your e-newsletter is backed up from conception to final deployment.

The Process

We make it all so simple. Let us prep and polish your newsletter so it not only engages subscribers, but also ensures that their next stop is [insert your web site here]!

STEP 1 | Q+A

Either complete a standard form that clarifies your brand message and goals for the e-newsletter, or let’s discuss during a complimentary phone consultation.

STEP 2 | Content Outline + Database Setup

A newsletter schematic will be created based on your content outline, while we work together to import databases and align your email capture with Mailchimp (or other e-news service provider).

STEP 3 | Design + Feedback

Using an efficient feedback loop, we will get down to the business of WOW-ing your subscribers by designing a template that achieves every specification.

STEP 4 | Deployment + Reporting

Because there is so much more than simply hitting the send button! We will take you through the process of deploying an e-newsletter at an optimal hour, as well as analyzing post-delivery reports.

Get Started!

Use the contact form below to send us your details, core objectives and deadlines. We provide solutions for every budget.