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Let’s quickly review three reasons why newsletters are so important, and why you should put a plan in place now and not at the last minute. Because we all know what happens at the last minute, right?

It doesn’t look good or read well, and it’s all very bad for a brand’s image (that’s Reason #1). Especially when you could be gaining valuable insight on your fans (Reason #2), as well as making money (love that Reason #3).
Let us prep and polish your newsletter so it not only engages subscribers, but also ensures that their next stop is [insert your web site here]!

Whether the call to action is leading to your latest and greatest entrepreneurial advice, buying an earlybird event ticket, investing in a vacation, or letting people know what yoga classes are available next week, a stylish and tech savvy newsletter has benefits that go far beyond basic announcements.

Please [scroll down] for the packages we offer at different price points.
And take note that we also offer training so you can DIY.


The following is has been crafted with Mailchimp in mind. If you are in love with the email service you currently use, we can conduct a quick review and alter the production packages to reflect what is available through your e-newsletter provider.

Each Presse Pack is a base from which to build out a communications plan. Pick the Pack that sounds like a fit and we’ll quote according to the size of your database, how frequently you send campaigns (weekly, monthly, quarterly), template customization desired, and what reporting is required.

Presse Pack A | Full-On Fresh!

You are sparing no expense because your newsletter is going to blow all other newsletters out of the water. There are goods to move, so you need a dynamic template filled with words that are expertly crafted and clickable to sell out your stock. Reports are a big deal, so all of Mailchimp’s tracking features and data science will be employed. Starting at $450

Presse Pack B | Fresh Design is King

You’ve got all of the information and images ready to go, so now we need to organize it all into an easy breezy template that engages and increases e-newsletter subscriptions. Open rates are important, and you would like to know what people are clicking and sharing. Starting at $250

Presse Pack C | Fresh Alert

You don’t need a whole fancy e-newsletter to let your subscribers know about special promotions and/or new products. Alerts are simple and laser focused on that thing, that thing, that thiiiinnngg. You are also a Lauryn Hill fan. Starting at $100

Presse Pack D | Re-Fresher Course

In 2 one-hour sessions we’ll show you the ropes; from setting up an account and organizing your database, to template design tips and final deployment. Add on some time to start developing an in-depth understanding of your post-delivery reports. $125/hour

The Process

We make it all so easy. Let us prep and polish your newsletter so it not only engages your subscribers, but also ensures that their next stop is [insert your web site here]!

STEP 1 | Q+A

Either complete a standard form that clarifies your brand message and goals for the e-newsletter, or let’s discuss during a complimentary phone consultation.

STEP 2 | Content Outline + Database Setup

A newsletter schematic will be created based on your content outline, while we work together to import databases and align your email capture with Mailchimp (or other e-news service provider).

STEP 3 | Design + Feedback

Using an efficient feedback loop, we will get down to the business of WOW-ing your subscribers by designing a template that achieves every specification.

STEP 4 | Deployment + Reporting

Because there is so much more than simply hitting the send button. We take you through the process of deploying an e-newsletter at an optimal hour, as well as analyzing post-delivery reports.

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